Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is It About the Journey, She Asked Rhetorically?

"The world is full of people who will go their whole lives and not actually live one day. She did not intend on being one of them."

I have a refrigerator magnet with the above quote. Below the quote is a woman on a red Vespa-like bike, scarf blowing behind her, clearly enjoying piloting her very own path.

In my imagination, she hasn't figured out the destination, but the fact that she's making her own driving decisions is what really matters. 

If someone would have told me I would be designing for publication way back in 2009 when I joined Ravelry, I'd not have believed it. Between 2009 and today, I've presented a paper in Pittsburgh, found some painting mojo, walked the Champs Elysee, harvested grapes in Provence, photographed amazing tulip fields, volunteered at the first Vogue Knitting Live in New York City, moderated a shawl group and made more shawls for myself and others than I can keep track of, started my own wee business, and published my first designs collection. Some things haven't always felt perfect (there were those grape vines on a sweltering late summer afternoon with no water to be had - I consider it my grapey Waterloo), but it's always been exactly where I was supposed to be.

Throughout, I have never thought about where the journey was taking me, but far more about about the free-ish spirit on the red Vespa. In real bee fashion, I may have flitted from one place here to another project there, but I've remained true to my core, and I've received valuable and cumulative information along the way.

This bee has no desire to prognosticate concerning where I'll be in 2014 (although it will probably include participating in the 5th Annual KniCroBlo week). I do expect that I'll still be inspired by the scarf blowing in the breeze behind the woman charting her own course on that red Vespa.

And if anyone would like to donate a Vespa to let me ride in style along the way, I'm game. Preferably a red one, please.


  1. Gosh, do I ever know that feeling! I have gone from being in school to working for a major company in a different country, to producing 2 books, to working as a creative director, to quitting as a creative director, to moving and being bone-breakingly poor for months, to being a creative director and developing and magazine project and helping my mom build a business that we both will love -- it's been a crazy journey in the last 4 years! But.... let's hope it stays that way, huh? Some crazy is good crazy. I too, could use a vespa, but I'd rather have a green one ;)

  2. I love to fly by the seat of my pants.

  3. Wow. Your post is inspiring. I've been teaching school in the same county for 21 years and am screaming for a change. I've traveled a bit lately but want to jump on a Vespa, too, and explore. I'm a novice designer--maybe in a few years I'll be in a different place, too.

  4. A red Vespa, yes, I'd totally go for it! Let's take a ride on Pacific Coast Highway and let the ocean breeze blow in our hair.