Friday, April 5, 2013

Those Shawly April Showers

Happy Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday everyone! It's April. It's raining. Finished shawls and other shoulderwear from March's crochet part-ay.

I'll start with the finished projects that were completed at the very end of March:

This is an additional interpretation of my own Le Bouquet Stole pattern. I love the neutral (and unfortunately) discontinued Araucania Ruca Multy colorway, and yes, I had that skirt in mind when I chose the stash yarn for this project.
Next up (and also for yours truly), is a brown version of my Rustically Elegant Shoulder Warmer made during my Ravelry group's March CAL (crochet a-long for the uninitiated):
I made the widest neck opening version of this pattern. As much as I love a warm neck, I'm not a big fan of turtlenecks and other things that fit closely around the entire neck. With this version, the cowl portion actually sits very comfortably on my shoulders.
I also want to take a moment and show you one of the other finished versions from the CAL (there are a few more that didn't quite get completed prior to the end of the month):
Kristina (thanks for letting me use your photo!) used worsted weight yarn held double. Contrast that with my version, which used a light worsted weight held singly. Mine might have more drape, but her version will be uber-warm. It's amazing that we created very different fabrics for our respective projects, yet they both work really well.

Add these two projects to the two I completed earlier in March - the Icy Snowdrop shawl and  A Script for Keeping Warm, and you can see it was a veritable hooking frenzy in March. I had a very enjoyable time, but now it's on to other projects.

Wonder what it will be raining next.

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And don't forget this year's annual week-long knit and
crochet blogfest is a mere few weeks away.


  1. Look at those gorgeous projects! I love the loose cowl version of that stole. GORGEOUS! I always enjoy looking at the designer's pages and seeing all of the variations of projects based on the yarn used. I like that heavier version of the stole too but yours is just stunning!

  2. I really love that neutral multi-colour, it complements your skirt so perfectly! Your wide neck version is a real stunner, I will definitely borrow that idea when I get to make one for myself!

  3. These are beautiful. I also have a rough time with stuff around my neck if it's too tight. Love what you're doing.

  4. Your projects are always so beautiful... you've got the drape and color parts figured out. :-)

  5. I really, really, really wish winter was still around. I've been wanting to wear my version since I finished!! Its going to be one of the first things I wear the minute the air is way chilly.

  6. Me thinks you should model the shoulder warmer, I'm sure it'd look so nice on you. Your Le Bouquet looks wonderful!