Friday, May 9, 2014

Craft it Now, Anyone?

Craft It Now, edited by
Shannon E. Miller, KP Craft,
2014, list price $22.99,
available on Amazon here
Happy Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday, everyone. I'm thrilled that I can (finally!) blog about my included designs in F+W Media's Craft if Now book (I didn't receive my copy until this past Monday). I find it's always better to write when the publication is in hand.

Edited by Shannon E. Miller, Craft it Now is a general craft book encompassing a wide variety of crafts. The goal? To provide a compendium of quick projects anyone can make in a few hours or a few days. Shannon knows that a crafter always has long-term projects on the go - this book aims to fill the oh-I-need-to-make-something-right-now! gap. Most projects have no more than 6 steps from start to finish, and only one or two of the more than 100 projects have more than 7 steps.

Some of the projects (like my two designs) are made with new materials. Other projects, however, utilize materials already in hand that you may be looking to upcycle/repurpose. I find this one of the strengths of Craft it Now. I especially like the Polka Dot Coasters as well as the Broken Jewelry Pendant project (p. 51) for precisely this reason. Additionally, there are several great card projects that would not only be great projects on their own, but also springboards for a DIYer's further creative ideas. And finally (before I get to my designs!), there are two different polymer clay button projects that, if you're a button fiend like I am, you will definitely want to try.

The Weekend Scarf, p. 33
There are several knit and crochet projects in the book, of which two are mine. The first, The Weekend Scarf, is a light, ethereal project that can easily be made in a weekend. The two-row pattern is easily memorized, and made in Rowan's Kidsilk Haze Glamour in the trance colorway. The subtle bling and fringe make this scarf elegant - a perfect gift.

And, speaking of gifts, my second design is a pair of Thank You bags. Again, these are made with an easily memorized pattern and luscious yarn (Neighborhood Fiber Co. Penthouse Silk in the Victorian Village colorway) and, topped with seed beads, are bound to make the recipient ooh and ahhh. These are also great stash-buster items - they can be made with almost any weight yarn and would be perfect to have on hand for wrapping that last-minute gift.

Thank You bags, p. 114
I'm thrilled these designs are included in this collection. There's something here for just about everyone (including projects you could make with the tweens/teens in your life), so I hope you'll seek out Craft it Now.

Definitely head on over to Andrea's at Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see what's up on the farm. Wishing all the mothers out there a great Mother's Day!

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  1. I like the texture contrast between fuzzy fuzzy yarn and shiny beads. Very pretty.

  2. Congratulations on your publications.

    The scarf is lovely.

  3. Those designs are gorgeous - the pattern for the scarf is such an excellent match for the yarn :)

  4. Congratulations for the new designs! I love the scarf, will have to seek it out :)

  5. I love your two patterns. The bags are perfect! I like them in the silk yarn too. The mohair in the scarf is perfect too. Hooray for another publication. I will have to check the book out. It looks like it will be a nice one to gift to friends who want to craft but are intimidated by big projects.

  6. Oooh, love the thank you bags. What a great idea (and fabulous for stashbusting, too).