Friday, May 2, 2014

Let's hope that everyone's upcoming
blogging adventure is free from Clerk #10.
Dear Clerk #10:

I sincerely hope you are having a better day today than you were last Saturday. I was only attempting to pay for the postage due on my rather precious box of completed crochet designs with both my credit card and cash. I've done it before (like, many, many times) in the past with no problem, but I guess it was just beyond your rather limited computer abilities. I didn't necessarily appreciate (1) having my head figuratively chopped off when I initially told you my mixed method of payment, (2) didn't appreciate your continued rudeness when I went back to the window to see if I could straighten out the transaction since you shorted the post office, and then was in complete disbelief when you just automatically gave me back change without listening to what I was saying; and (3) then you compounded all of the above when I (not usually a glutton for punishment, but I couldn't keep money that wasn't mine) went back a final time and you put a new tracking number on my precious box, yet you didn't issue me a new receipt AND still didn't collect the correct amount of money for the transaction because you were just fried.

Now, clerk #10, I hope you will do yourself, me, and the rest of the post office-visiting public some good by finding another job that might better fit your skill set, because working a computer that collects funds is, I think we can both agree (whether willingly or otherwise) above your pay grade.

Please know that I intend to do both of us a favor: should you be one of the clerks behind the counter in any of my future trips to the post office, I will pleasantly but firmly refuse to walk up to your station. It's the least I can do.

Oh, and your superiors could also thank me for attempting to ensure that the post office actually collects the funds it rightfully has coming to it, because we all know how flush with extra cash the U.S. Postal Service is.

Currently on the hooks/needles - I haven't met a
skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn I didn't like.
A designer who actually gives a s&%^$

An update on my Amber Bling Bag test: I have two testers currently working on the bag, but would like a few more (some additional pairs of eyes can always help). If you'd like to do a quick pattern test for a good cause, head on over here.

Now do make certain you make it over to Andrea's at Wisdom Begins in Wonder where yarn and all good things fiber-related are always front and center.


  1. Sorry that happened to you. I hope you complained to her manager.

    1. Well, I don't know if it was the manager I spoke to, but I needed to tell someone since I had no way of tracking my package! And of course it arrived late to its intended destination, just to make matters worse. Grrrr.

  2. Ouch ! Be careful though - there's a reason people say 'he's going postal' ;)

    1. lol - however, my decision to skip this clerk in future was not only my idea, but also the post office person to whom I spoke when I was following up on finding my package. If the clerk's "going postal," I expect it will be long before I decide to skip him. :)

  3. ooooh, what a horrible experience. We have a small "in the country" post office. I'm so lucky to have a great clerk. Here's hoping the next experience there is better.