Monday, May 19, 2014

(Just Another) Melange Monday

Hello everyone - it's Monday, time for melange. Today, however, I'm going to finish up my blogging from last week's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week V. I am sorry that I only got to day three's entry this year, but it's been busy for me (which is a good thing - no complaints!). I always like the topic prompts, so I thought I'd share what I would have written on the last day (where will you be next year?) if I had actually gotten to it on Sunday.

During last year's crafty blogging week I wrote that I would not prognosticate concerning where I would be this year, except that I'd participate in the 5th annual blogging mayhem. True to my word, I've done just that. I have found that it's getting more and more difficult to find the time to read other blogs that I don't normally follow because I have become rather busy, and that (the lack of blog reading) bums me out a little. It's all a trade off - I love the design work, but it has come at the expense of the amount of time I spend online, especially reading blogs. Again this year, there have been some great bloggers out there that I would love to have spent more time reading, but just didn't get the chance. I really want to thank everyone that visited my blog and took a little of their own precious time to read what I had to say. It truly is appreciated. I especially want to thank Eskimimi for once again coordinating this whole event in the midst of her own hectic schedule (what with her upcoming nuptials and all). Additionally, I'd also like to give a shout out to Kathryn at for including some of my photos on her Pinterest board from last week's event - milles mercis!

And where will I be next year? I honestly have no idea, but I will tell you that the second of half of this year is going to be big for me. I have no way of knowing the ultimate impact of all my projects, but just know that there are a lot of irons currently in the fire. I will say that the deeper I get into unknown territory, the scarier it feels, which I think is a good sign. At least that's how I'm viewing it, because the fear also helps to clarify, if I just remain still and focused. Still and focused is definitely where I'm at.

Of course, my hooks and sticks are there with me. A gal needs friends.

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